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  • Inexpensive plant propagation controller
  • Electronics
  • TCP/IP primer
  • Microprocessors
  • Data logging weather station
  • Rowan's music

  • One of my hobbies is designing and building electronic gadgets.  You can find more on my Electronics page.  Most of the current projects involve the use of PIC microcontrollers.   The projects listed here are a controller for plant propagation (controls bottom heating and misting in a propagation frame) and a thermostat with digital readout.  I make up the propagation controllers on demand.  Please contact me if you are interested.  The propagation controller was born of necessity since I'm interested in propagating Australian native plants myself, hence the banner at the top of the page.

    A more recent project (2007) was to design and build a data logging weather station that could be left unattended for long periods to record temperature and rainfall.  The final design will do half hour readings for one year and has an on-board serial port for easy downloading of data to a laptop or computer.

    Going the other direction in time... back in 1993, I designed an EPROM programmer.  This was published in Electronics Australia magazine which is now defunct.  The design is now superseded by a more recent one published in Silicon Chip magazine (not designed by me though).  However, for those who are still using the 1993 'model', the DOS software to interface it can be downloaded from the Electronics page.

    There  are a couple of magazine articles I wrote some years ago for my local computer club.  The articles describe how the Internet and TCP/IP protocol work, and how microprocessors work.  The latter article is now a bit dated since it doesn't cover some newer advances in microprocessor design.  However, it should provide a good basic understanding for anyone interested in such things.

    My younger brother Rowan composes and produces his own music.  Some MP3 files are included, and a link to his own page.